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There hasn't been so much focus on posting too much content lately because Part 1 is coming to the final phases of its development. Until it is complete, here are some little things to keep watchers busy...

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I'm making this post because I've noticed I've lost some watchers this past month, which tells me that some of my watchers are losing faith in the game's ability to reach its completion. Understandably, I've thought up a way to keep everyone interested and informed without spoiling anything. Since all the in-game screens and gameplay videos have been posted that CAN be posted without too many spoilers, I haven't been releasing much media on the game. Even though I know that every day more progress is being made, it isn't exactly obvious to the uninformed internet. SO what I'm going to do while I'm putting the finishing touches on Part 1 before its release is start posting images and information on the development process behind GP: Redux. I'll post screens of scenes as they render in the 3D Software I use and also screens of the Construct 2 Engine as the game is being put together inside it. Things that cannot be seen in-game will be seen, like collision walls, some assets and event triggers. Screens of the Eventing process will also be posted.
These are all just little things that some may find interesting, and others can have simply as assurance that development is constantly underway.

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