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Though the tutorial taught the basics, the real depth is how each individual character plays.

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My intention was to make a single tutorial video. I did knew that the characters themselves would require a tutorial all their own but figured that since the basics have been covered in one video, players would simply discover each character on their own through the Practice mode. However, the fact that this game is not only complicated in so many ways but there's no other game to compare it to and thus draw a reference point of some kind, I figured it would be a disservice to not provide a tutorial for each character due to each character playing very differently. So if a new player gets into the game, even after seeing the tutorial video, perhaps they will still get lost.

That is why I made part two of the tutorial and that is of the characters. Though it's not a single video but a series of videos of the main cast as you guys would probably find it easier to go back to these videos if they are individual rather than a whole. So here I will post the videos of each character's strategies.

Xip is your basic character. Maybe too basic as she has probably the most easiest strategy to work with and that is to simply summon a single PE and ram it into the player. Not much else to say.

Tsar is also a basic character but there's a bit more to his strategy. His power consist of him summoning a PE and placing it on the stage, thus he's capable of making multiple PEs to cover the entire area. However, since being grabbed by the opponent shatters all your PEs, this may end up working in the opponent's favor as they will get a big payout of pixels if they grab you and will risk losing some pixels for the greater amount that you used (in case you never played the game, you waste your own pixels when summoning PE) that the risk is worth the take.

Elac is mostly a ranged character due to his ability to stretch his PE in either one direction (longer reach) or two directions (shorter reach). Though in my opinion, he has one of the better Supers.

Now Alette is pretty interesting. She can only summon one PE at a time but you can actually control it. You can also return control back to Alette so that you can play mind games with the opponent by switching between the two.

Perhaps the character with the most strangest strategy (perhaps maybe outside of the two bosses perhaps). Sprit can summon a PE and set it near him so it can follow him in that position. It's hard to describe but pretty much his strategy is to not cover himself with PEs but to have the PEs cover him (I hope that made sense).

Alpha's technique is making a trail behind him. When activating his PE, he will leave behind PEs. This is a double edge sword however. On the one hand, you can easily cover the entire field with PEs in seconds but you need to make them huge in order for it to be effective and these PEs cost pixels. The bigger the PE, the more pixels you need so you can potentially cover the area with PEs but you'll also lose more pixels than it's probably worth. And, of course, more PEs on the field equals more pixels for your opponent to win when they grab you.

Text is my favorite character to use to be honest. He uses his PEs as bombs and who doesn't love explosions. He can only lay 3 bombs at a time but to make up for this, they explode into multiple PEs. The downside to this is that they start out small. Yes, they grow big in a short period of time but if your opponent has a big PE to begin with, it's free pixels for them.

The final character in the roster is Trix who uses her PEs as projectiles. You can either tap the A button and launch many of them in a row or you can hold down B to make it grow bigger and launch it at a slower pace, thus having a bigger chance of both survival and stripping the opponent's pixels.

Whew! That's quite a lot of info. If you haven't played the game yet or have played the game and couldn't understand how the characters work, I hope these series of videos will help you see the complexity and depth that this game offers.

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