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Added few important scripts, new elevator, and first person click movement.

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First person movement:


1 - begin play - output when level runs
2 - i.d.k. - something related with cameras
3 - delay
4 - do once - do one time (next input is ignored)
5 - elevator thing
6 - elevator thing
7 - event on character - dark effect, teleport, e.t.c.
8 - execute - output on level active object (door, elevator…)
9 - event on decoration - output on decoration object (box, fridge…)
10 - flip-flop - alternating execution between two outputs (when A executes, next output through B, and after B next output through A)
11 - branch - can set TRUE or FALSE, when TRUE - output through A, when FALSE - output through B
12 - input - takes index from active object, decoraion object, or map activators
13 - event on object - set size, rotation, location, material, visibility, mesh e.t.c.
14 - print - prints text when activated
15 - reroute
16 - elevator thing
17 - play sound - plays sound when activated
18 - teleport character point - when event on character setted on "teleport", it teleports character on point

And activators: map activators - overlap character, mouse click.

Suggest in comment your script, if You have one.

And new elevator.

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