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More release 2 information, still nothing on the new units though. Mostly deals with changes from Release 1.

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More release 2 information


  • Added Unit crates. The crates will only spawn Tiberian dawn or Tiberian sun ground units. Cross your fingers and hope for a Devil's Tongue! Standard C&C3 crates not effected.
  • Implemented some of the MEC 2 blood sdk into the mod. Only a select few units cause these special death effects, I may expand on this in later releases.
  • Tiberium fields regrowth rate increased by 15%.
  • Veterancy bonuses increased to match Kane's wrath values (even more reward for those who look after their units)
  • All sides airfields no longer provide build radius (use something else to base crawl)


  • Removed 'Lightning Spike' special power.
  • Scrin Corrupter no longer spawns Visceroids when it kills enemy infantry.
  • 1 new unit added.


  • 'GDIAirborne' & GDIHunterkillers' reinforcement powers are now delivered by a new unit. Whilst being delivered, these reinforcements are able to fire at enemy units!
  • Added 3 new units.


  • Nod have regained the 'Shadow strike' & 'Seed tiberium' support powers!
  • Removed the 'Cloaking field', 'Catalyst missile', 'The Avatar' & 'Mirage squad' support powers.
  • New reinforcement power 'Devil's Tongue' added.
  • New support power 'Seed blue tiberium'. Power is added once 'Blue tiberium mix' has been researched. You have to wait for the timer to finish before you can use this power! Conflicts with 'Seed tiberium' - the 'Seed tiberium' button will be greyed out.
  • The Tiberium Liquidation Facility's 'Blue Tiberium Mix' upgrade now costs $5000 and takes 100 seconds to research.
  • Nods 'Secret shrine' now spawns Confessors if sold.
  • Nods 'Tiberium Liquidation Facility' now spawns Nod chemical warriors if sold.
  • Nod 'Rocket hub' defence replaced by Nod Sam-site.
  • Nod venom replaced by Nod Apache.
  • Removed the 'Signature generator' upgrade from the Nod 'Tech assembly plant' (upgrade is not needed).
  • Added 6 new units\structures.
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