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Right now we are working on the new game character creation, Adding more items,armor, etc. And balancing.

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So far we've added what your father was;
Air Nomad,
Fire Nation General,
Water Tribesman,
Dai Li Agent,
Or a Mercenary.
We've also made it so you can start at any nation including all 4 air nomad temples,
We've balanced the nations so all 4 air nomads have around the same as the fire nations.(castles, towns,)
And now there are cultures for instance now if you go to a air temple, the people will be wearing Air Nomad clothes. We've also added some weapons, staffs, throwing daggers...
We also decided that that air bending is going to be blunt damage and so are all Air nomads weapons.
This reason is because the Air Nomads don't believe in killing.
The Earth nation is going to specialize in good shields. and there bending is going to do blunt as well.
The Lords for the water nations are going to have more wound treatment, surgery and the like because
Water has healing properties. and there bending is going to do piercing.
The fire nation are going to have raw power weapons, there bending is undecided if its
going to have special attributes.... maybe a high attack speed or something.
For traveling between continents we may have ports to go inbetween. and for generals,
They are going to have air ships, sky bisons and the so.
We are hoping for a release in the next two months.... but we are actually getting more done
then we thought, so we will see.


Good work hope you get this mod out as soon as possible :) great job so far :)

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