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New Screenshot showing all units and buildings uploaded, first internal beta submitted to testers

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A quick follow-up to the changelog I posted:

I have uploaded a screenshot showing all buildings and units that will be available in Return of the Dawn 2.8.

The new units, exclusive to the new "Reaperrr's Rules" (will call it RR mode from now on) enhanced mode, are the X-O Powersuit and A-10 Napalm Bomber for GDI, and the wheeled APC, Cyborg Prototype and Chem Tank for Nod. To prevent Nod from having a too bloated arsenal and also to further differentiate both sides, the Rocket Launcher artillery, the Commando and the tracked APC are removed from Nod's arsenal in the RR mode. They will remain available in Classic mode, of course.

The new RR mode buildings are the Airpad (GDI, Hybrid of airfield and helipad) and the Bio Research Lab (Nod, prerequisite for Chem units and the Cyborg Prototype).

Also, the first internal beta was submitted to the beta testers yesterday. Once the remaining bugs and balance issues are reported and solved, there will be one more internal Release Candidate, and if that one passes the tests, ROTD 2.8 will be publicly released. In all likelyness, that will happen this month.

See you on the battlefield.


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