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Game updates: 13 formations done. University modelled and coded Battle bugs sorted Watch towers modelled and coded Brahmins and Yagyas done Ultimate weapon x 5 all modelled and coded

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I know I should do these much more often than I do.
I firstly wanna thank all supporters on IndieDB and on my Youtube channel.

New Updates:

13 formations done.
University modelled and coded.
Battle bugs sorted.
Watch towers modelled and coded.
Brahmins and Yagyas done.
Ultimate weapon x 5 all modelled and coded.Armies remodeled cuz earlier they looked pretty bad.Modelled 3 more armies for new kingdoms and factions.
Awesome quest and village system.
Monsters working.
Village reaction and consequences to monsters.
Random treasure chests and their guardians spawn.

What's left:
Fog of WAR
Completing AI
Main Menu

People are beginning to like what I'm doing and I'm very happy about it.
Although I want to finish this project soon so I can put out a demo game out there for people to play, I also want it to be properly done when I send it out so there are no major complaintsThis is my FIRST PC game and I'm working on it SOLO.

I was thinking of adding a couple of features into the game, next news will be about that only.

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