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Some news about Gladiators, nothing very special, only to keep you informed :).

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I know, I know, this mod page has seemed to be abandoned, but actually I still work on Gladiators ! Recently, I added some weapons and armor for the Angry Marine, the Plague Marine, the Zoanthrope and the Veteran. I'm trying to work in relation to Retribution, because I don't want to work for nothing (for the Kasrkin or the Bloodletter, which will be replaced by a Noise Marine). Moreover, I think the 3 news heroes will be a Battle Sister (if there is some in Retribution, else this will be an Inquisitor), a Kasrkin and a Catachan Devil. I'll replace the old Kasrkin by a Grey Knight if possible, the Warp Spider by the Autarch, the Genestealer by the Hive Lord, and the Bloodletter by a Noise Marine. Oh, and I forgot, I'm adding some pictures, because I remplaced the Kommando by a MadDok, and I added the Weirdboy ! And I finally got rid of a problem with the Angry Marine, now he begins the match with only his fists.

I hope you keep watching, because I keep working on Gladiators !

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