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A developer update aboard the grim corridors of the UAV Typhon. Sound, lighting, music and it's power are discussed...

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Hey all! What a week! I managed to release version 1.0 of my multiplayer mod for Brutal Doom - Brutal Hell Royale. The reception has been great! Thanks to anyone who downloaded and played! But, onto Typhon news, as this is the page for it..

I have worked on quite a bit this week. There are now some cool sequences, voice acting being implemented, new music, new items and more! I am especially placing emphasis on the lighting style and the ambience and music. I feel that these are the key elements to any good horror game. I have let a couple of people see and play the first few areas of the ship, and the consensus has been that the atmosphere is amazing. The low end in the music and some of the ambience creeps up your spine. I really want to give a full experience with this.

Check out a couple of pieces of gameplay below. The Clean water facility and draining the waste water in the waste facility.

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