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Bad news and good news for development of Medieval of War

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So I have some good and bad news guys!

My personal hard drive crashed and with it half of my game installs and almost the entirety of the mod.
I have been able to save the scripts however the models but a few are corrupted.
My model exporter I made for Medieval 2 is corrupted and I'm not sure how to get another one. If you guys know where a download is for that
Much appreciated.
Mod is still planned to release sometime soon. But things are looking down.

I have been able to get the mod to launch in game so it isn't broken. Just the models for soldiers and weapons are corrupted.

So please if you guys and girls know where I can get another Model exporter for Medieval 2 Total War much appreciated.

Good news isn't much, but I will continued development, and I won't stop. Also Horses are back :D

On the note of horses. When they run they actually trample and instant kill footman, spears and pikes will be able to counter once implemented. Walking horses aren't good as they are easy targets, and horses act as a vehicle, but they aren't very effective against a Panzer so I wouldn't recommend using them unless you just want to see them die.

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