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I very lazy man. I wanted to create a campain, with background events of Brood War, and later events (mostly local clashes). Also I did mercenaries almost as new faction exept one: No idea how infested terrans, mercenaries and primal zerg can creane an alliance.

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5th race is great dream, however it reachable. What's the problems?
1) My lazyness.
2) Game crashes while operating merc gunship, mostly when it gets a big damage, or killed.

3) I need more unit indexes for heroes. At least 1 hero I need for terran-side missions.

4) No mapper. I need good SCBW mapper to create zerg-side mission.

Returning to what we actualy having, I found bug in ballance: 4th race can create bioweapon and attack even faster than zerg doo rush. I think I can fix that by allowing to create bioweapons only after second pylon. If I'll be able to find a way how to fix merc gunship crashing, I give this ship to all races exept zerg. For now there are 2 kinds of mercs, which can be hired by Terran and Protoss. Mercenary fighting on protoss side are humans but using protoss shields, guns, and suppuly. However both this units crash the game.

Primal zerg - hero wich creates broodling with unlimited lifespan fighting on it's side, after killing at least 1 unit. If killed unit was zerg, Primal zerg can create this unit for free (even ultralisk). I want to make him to operate with more than 1 companions, but until now I failed to achive this goal.

Next version. If I'll make 1.2 version, I'll include there sources of my plugin.

Campain will have at least 3 missions: for terran, for zerg and for protoss.

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