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Information about Miner Bob. What is Miner Bob? How to play it? What will be next? And more.

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Miner Bob is my first game. It's a 2D space simulator with survival elements, it has interesting feature to control your ship by monitors system.

Miner Bob is complicated game. And that's why i created manuals:
English version.
Russian version.

I'm really need your feedback. You can try Miner Bob here.

Miner Bob Alpha 2 for Windows

What game contains now:

- Uncommon UI based on monitors

- Realistic space physics w/o gravity
Flight Screen

- Energy system that need attention
Energy System

- Simplified thermodinamics

- Simplified life-support system
Life Support System

- Item and their using
Items and cargo

- Asteroids and asteroid's radar
Big Asteroid and Radar Screen

- Mine Launcher and Drill for destroing asteroids


What will be next:
- Rework monitor system
- Quest system
- Stations, docking-system and trading
- Ingame manuals
- Saves
- New weapons
- New ships
- Balancing

What will be after next:
- Radiocommunication with station
- Random failures of ship's systems
- Changing of ship's components
- Progress system for Bob
- Balancing
- Competitive multiplayer
- Co-op multiplayer

А если вы русскоговорящий игрок, то присоединяйтесь к сообществу игры в ВКонтакте.

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