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I'ved added some more screenshots to the mod's page showing off the Center Head Cannon, some more Boxing moves, and a new Coffin attack. The mod is coming along very nicely and the actual playable character is nearing completion. Then on to finding maps for this game.

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The Left and Right Cerberus pistols will allow you to use the Coffin in place of certain dodge moves. You'll be able to fire the heavy machinegun in a right to left and then a left to right arc, fire cluster bomb grenades into the air at a short distance to rain down destruction on your foes, fire the heavy machinegun into the air to then have the bullets rain down on your enemies to get around and over obstacles and cover, and of course fire a rocket that separates into multiple mini rockets that blanket an area without remorse. The painkillers have been replaced with the ability to perform a demolition attack that wipe out anything around you and will be dropped by certain enemies. Of course they won't look like painkillers and any of the original painkillers laying around the maps will do nothing for you. Grave will heal himself by standing still. The Centerhead Cannon has its own shootdodge animation as does the Cerberus pistols. The Boxing mode is coming along nicely and will definitely be fun to play with. Grave has new running animations while using the pistols which really gives him that authentic Gungrave look and feel. The Melee attack allows him to swing his coffin around just like in the original games and can be used with all of the weapons. He will more then likely have 3 primary weapons to choose from and 2 secondary weapons. This may sound like not much variety to choose from for some, but I'm trying to keep everything interesting to overcome any bad feelings that some may have about this. As of now I love playing Grave with this mod. It really has that feel that the original Gungrave games had and plus it has that nice destructive feel that comes with the Max Payne 2 engine.

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