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A hint at the next update to Team Fortress 2 vintage.

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Behind the scenes we're still struggling due to lack of coders (for those interested or know someone interested please refer to the earlier article . However even with the binaries for 3.0 held back it hasn't stopped us from trying to fix and improve what we can in the meantime. This means a possible move to the .vpk format used now by retail TF2. For those who don't know the format came around as a way to save space. instead of the old file structure all the models, textures, sounds, etc. are compiled into various vpk files that are compressed to save space but can still be read by the game's executable. This reduces load time as well as overall filesize.

For those wonder how this would affect you, it won't most likely won't. For those new to TF2V you'd find a smaller filesize. This should also allow you to use mods that did move onto the vpk system with less of a hassle.

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