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Complex update that increases variation further and improves realism along with splitting the mod into 2 parts to ensure full compatibility with all mods. Temp's Tweaks adjusts Water and Mud physics for more 'realism', tweaks the DOF blur and reduced Fog slightly. Also includes a russian Camera Fix.

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More Dynamic Mud 2

Even more variation and better generation than before. With the new effect I rebalanced the current ones so its not overboard and tweaked the variation parameters for better realism.
I've added 'dirt bursts' back in (I replaced them with chunks) but repurposed them to represent dry topsoil! The first few inches of mud/dirt now produce sprays of dry dirt along with everything else
Significantly more variation added through a combination of increased situational effect and a small amount of pure randomisation.

Dust has been tweaked a bit more to give more of that rally-esque look by lasting longer and having more colour variation. density has been lowered a bit to compensate

Water/Mud crossover point adjusted so that mud'n'stuff still flings out in water and lessens as it deepens instead of just stopping

MDM has been adjusted to be completely compatible with particle collisions (available in the version and Steam + Draconis Fix)! To be honest MDM should work on any recent build of Spintires as the code has been the same for a while

Temp's Tweaks

Water Physics have been tweaked so that water is easier to move through, but has more force behind it and provides no traction. This makes deep rapids extremely dangerous for the wrong vehicle and you can get carried down stream! Get ready for a whole new type of rescue!
Shallow water doesn't impact speed quite as much and momentum can be built up in deeper water more realistically

Mud Physics have also been tweaked to make it thicker and harder to manipulate, while also been less grippy and easier to bog. It makes the game a little harder, but in my opinion much more realistic

Depth of Field and Fog have been adjusted to see further while keeping fidelity

Includes the Russian "Camera Mod" which removes alot of the 'auto adjust' the original game had, and loosens the angle and height restrictions.

Original Russian Camera fix by Grove :

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