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More details for February Development of OTOP2RV. F.A.Qs, Development accomplishments, goals and more.

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Optic Outbreak 2 is just 2-3 months away release. But that can change. The official release date is 28 April 2015. It won't go more than that, unless we have corrupt data.

Accomplishments in:
December 2014

Was able to set up all characters. All assets were imported and minor development was done.

January 2015
Set up the terrain (Modelling). Planned out how the game should be like. Enemy positions were determined. Experiments were conducted.
Assets finalized. Wolves and lions were added. Reutor Wek (Final Boss) was added and set up.
Transportation System was set up. World Army Base was added.

February 2015

Transportation System has been removed. New weapons added.
A dancing bunny has been added at WA Base for entertainment.

Goals For:

March 2015

Final Touches. Not much development. First trailer and Walkthrough by the Dev.

April 2015
Will get released. Expected Size- 500MB-1GB

Will there be a demo?

No, because we are just 2-3 months away from release. Optic Outbreak 1 had a tech demo. I might release something like that for Optic Outbreak 2.

Is this the final game?
Yes. I do have a new series planned. I really want to go to other platforms like Mac, Android and iOS.
Right now, I have Throw Em' which is at Alpha 1.0

Will you use any other game engines?
No, I like to work with Unity.

How hard will it be to play Optic Outbreak 2?
One of the biggest mistakes that I made with the first game is that a hurried the development. The game ended up being and easy 30 minute game with only a black machine gun and pistol. I learnt from my mistakes. It will take you atleast 3-4 hours to complete this game. There are a lot of enemies, on top of that, the final boss battle will take atleast 30 minutes.

What kind of controls will Optic Outbreak 2 use?
Optic Outbreak 2 will use standard FPS controls.

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