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Many of you have been asking for more details about how the class system will work in terms of skills.

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Hey Tal'Dorians!

Many of you have been asking for more details about how the class system will work in terms of skills, so today we will be focusing on sharing some of the details on that, as well as give you some insight on what we have been working on recently.


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  • Character Creation Screen
  • New Dungeon Type
  • Survey


We spent last week working on how a character will progress when it comes to classes and skills, as you already know we have the three main arch-types which the player will pick from when starting out. Those being: Knight, Mage, Archer

Example of three arch-types
Example of three arch-types

With these core classes, you will also move into sub-classes which will change the way the class is played, whether that be augmenting you to be more offensive, supportive, or defensive this election will affect the five skills you will learn.

From here each of your skills will level up as you use them, so the more you use a given skill the more powerful it can become! Once the skills have leveled up to a point you can use what we are calling "Power Crystals" which allows you to further augment those skills into more offensive, supportive, or defensive types for example:

The Archer has a skill that can pierce enemies allowing them to hit multiple targets, with that skill you could then augment it to be more offensive to be stronger and ignore armor, or you could make it more supportive in that when you hit a friend they get heal by it as the arrow passes through them.

Once we have these elements ironed out we will give you a detailed DDD about each sub class and its abilities!

Character Creation Screen

The Character creation screen has undergone a revamp, you are now able to turn your character to preview as well a new wardrobe scene in the background.

New Character Creation Screen
New Character Creation Screen

In the future, there will be settings to also preview how your character will look during different times of day as well as example equipment so show what you would look like when geared up.

New Dungeon Type

Just like last DDD, we have another video for you to check out, this is another dungeon type that we created where we can find some treasure chest!


What are your thoughts on the classes and skills? Is this what you were expecting? Do you like what we shared? Answer our quick three question survey so we know how you feel!

Link to survey: Google Forms





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