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We are continuing our work on the new content for the Mooseman. This time we want to show the progress on animation and some concept sketches.

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A little more than a week ago we have release our first public build. Luckily we've recieved feedback from our players and we are continuing our work on fixing the drawbacks of the initial demo, and of course, working on new features, new content and all the new stuff!

Concept art

First let me present you the concept art for the first meeting of the Mooseman with the water deity named Vakul. Here, check out his glowing eye. If you love it as much as I do you may click here and here for the wallpaper sized verisons of this art.

RiverWallpaper4 1920x1080 nologo

So tell us wether you like it or not.

Anmation oh so smoooth

So, the one thing that many people pointed out is the crappy animation of the main character. So now we are working on the smoooooth one. Actually I am struggling with this animation on my own, and, wow, animation is hard let me tell you.

Write wich one do you like more: the new one or the old one?

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