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We have now announced our new game: Moonbase 332. On our website there is more information.

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Moonbase 332 is a first-person shooter by PatchNoteStudio.

Pre-Alpha Screenshots

Our goal is to create a simple and fun game. For us, it is therefore important to create a fast and smooth gameplay without a thrilling story. In the game, experience points will play an important role. By killing enemies you get experience points. This unlocks new weapons and upgrades. You should upgrade your equipment if you want to reach the goal. Without upgrades, the game becomes more difficult.

Pre-Alpha Screenshots

The game will have 5 chapters. Like in a jump and run, at the end of each chapter you have to defeat a boss.

There will be enough to discover. There are hidden rooms / weapons / and so on. Finding these objects will only facilitate the game and are therefore not mandatory.

All weapons will have very little recoil and can only be shot from the hip. Health regeneration does not exist.

Pre-Alpha Screenshots

Graphically, we put special attention to the light. We use the same engine as in "Der Professor". With "Der Professor" we have made ​​a lot of things wrong. We have heard the criticism. In recent months, we have improved the engine to achieve a better result. Thus we have a lot more options than before!

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