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The Old Realms is a fan made mod project for the game Mount & Blade: Bannerlord. This project is 100% unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop. We do not accept donations nor do we receive any money from this project.

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Time for this month's update! Here’s a little window into the work that has been going on behind the scenes as we continue to expand upon the Old World and our very own mechanics.

Campaign assets and Bretonnian Weapons:

We are continually adding assets for our campaign and battle maps, as may have been seen in many of our past updates, so we can bring as much life into our battles and world as we can.

waystones render

empire building render

Alongside this, as we move south, we are also ensuring that our Bretonnians are getting the very best equipment! Ensuring the peasants are armed to fight off any encroaching foe, or at least try to.

voulges render

squires longswords render

Fay Magic: Lore of Life and Beasts

With the Knights and Saints update, we want to introduce further two lores of magic, the Lore of Life and the Lore of Beasts. They will be, only for a limited time, exclusive for the prophetesses and damsels of Bretonnia. In addition to this, we have added a few new spells for our already existing lores.

With that, we reworked and implemented a few spell effects and extended the magic system to provide, for us as developers, far more options to create immersive and interesting new spells with visuals to match.

New Icons

All of the spells within TOR also have updated, handmade, icons, that bring individuality to each spell.

Loreoflife 1

Lore of beast01

Credit to gersio and Tino


In the game, these spells will make use of completely new special effects, using custom made lighting, colours and many of these spells make use of our own custom-made sprite assets.

New Spell mechanics

Our coding team has looked into new ways of enhancing the visual side of spells, while also using this process to figure out ways to implement even more spells overall. While this has been a prominent component of many monthly updates, it’s no surprise given just how much magic there is in the Old World!

Our latest spell types are being implemented and tested by the coding team and will be shown once we believe they are at a state that we are happy with.

Movement impairment

We hope, with the next update we can show spells that actually “catch” people where they are. A very prominent example of such a spell is the net of Amyntok, of the lore of light.

Infantry can be cached at the position where they are, opening completely new approaches for using tactics against enemy advancing formations.

Another interesting new type of spell is the "projectile" spell, which creates penetration spells. For this, the "Amberspear" spell is a good example. When casting this spell an actual "spear" is created, which can penetrate multiple enemies ( or friendly targets), so be careful!

2023 03 19 17


Coordination: Z3rca, Code addition: Z3rca, SFX: Z3rca, 3D, Textures: Merlin Sprites: Tino, Lore Design Director: Kriegan Sanitäter, Ecthelion

What’s next?

What is next you may ask? We want to continue expanding on prayers and blessings across the board, and we already have far too many ideas on how we might do this. If you follow our monthly updates you will find out soon for sure!

As ever we are still looking for anyone interested in helping out with the Mod, if you think you’d be interested or have any skills you want to work on through our mod please head on over to our applications channel on the discord!

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What stage is the mod at now? I saw some map and it was divided into 5 or 6 phases, for example phase 1 - dwarfs and empire etc. Is there some thread where I can see what is already finished, what factions are playable, what will be added next?

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RoyRob Author
RoyRob - - 50 comments

we are constantly changing it and planning ahead. With every 6 months we aiming to release a big patch. there is no thread at the moment

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