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The Old Realms is a fan made mod project for the game Mount & Blade: Bannerlord. This project is 100% unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop. We do not accept donations nor do we receive any money from this project.

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For this monthly update we will be showcasing a whole swathe of 2D concepts made by our team for upcoming and future units we intend to add! As you can see we have a long road ahead and we are taking the time we need to get as much crammed into the world as we can, that being said in one of the upcoming updates we will have some more exciting things to show off from our upcoming major update!

As ever we are gracious for the feedback and patience of our community as we continue to work through this project, it has been an immense pleasure seeing all of the continued support!


Both the Empire and Vampire Counts, as well as many if not all future factions, will have RoR alongside their fleshed-out troop trees. While we are planning to focus primarily on the core troops, we are just as excited to bring variety and individuality to each faction.

The elite of the VC are nothing to sniff at, and they won’t be in our overhaul either.

Blood Dragons Initiate 2

Blood Dragons Initiate

Blood Dragons Knight 2   Feedbac

Drakenhof Templar Variation png

Drakenhof GuardV2

Drakenhof GuardV3

Koningstein stalker spearman



The Empire of course is going to need to compete!

inner circle 033

Brave defender

Defeder Sargeant

Grundel s Defenders

Preceptro knight 022

Stalwart Grundel s Defenders


We also have an Environment concept for a Bretonnian tavern, with more to come.

bretonnia tavern


We also have some new screenshots to share of our upcoming custom maps, as we slowly populate and replace the Bannerlord world with our own content.

amdok town 3

amdok town 4

Amdok town 1

amdok town 2


The coding team has been working on setting up the internal systems needed for our upcoming content and mechanics. In addition to this, they are working on extending our custom damage and buff system, to allow for more precise control over magic or holy effects as we proceed.

This is however just the tip of the iceberg. Soon, we plan to provide a more detailed look at what we have in store for the next major update.

As ever we are still looking for anyone interested in helping out with the Mod, if you think you’d be interested or have any skills you want to work on through our mod please head on over to our applications channel on the discord!

MacFloyd - - 124 comments

nice work!

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7ty7 - - 786 comments

Great concepts!

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Lord_Vinciullo - - 231 comments

I know this a fan-made project and all, but man, you guys DESERVE to be paid for all the amazing work you are doing!

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Ahrimansiah - - 3,229 comments

would be great! always wanted a 3rd person RPG strategy for warhammer

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vegamann - - 2 comments

In what departments are you recruiting?

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Z3rca - - 29 comments

I would look in our in the application channel in discord. This helps us to keep track of new recruits. :)

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RevanShan - - 885 comments


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JackLEventreur - - 133 comments

I can't wait !!! :D so much hype in this !
Any tw warhammer 3 players in here ?

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Z3rca - - 29 comments

The whole dev team probably.

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cofa88 - - 490 comments


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Guest - - 699,173 comments

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Guest - - 699,173 comments

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