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So I have been busy irl but I have been working quietly away on things. Nothing really pretty to show off but I'll post pictures anyway, you like pictures right?

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A lot of the work sounds small but largely improves the game

recent work:
Gundam RTS
- Animations improved for all units in gundam except the kampfer and lite gm.
- Addition of the high trajectory tag to many artillery units.
- continued work on the research items.
- tweaks to transports which should make loading and unloading easier!
- spectators can now see what researches are available to players
- audio fixes.
- texture tweaks to bring out colors more on certain units.
- further tweaks to the next version of the economy.

The homepage
- Resolving some integration issues with the forum and new main page then I'll setup a proper homepage for grts.

things keeping me from the new release:
- tweaks to the ui
- prepping the new distribution stuff
- new airport models
(will fix the issue with unit sometimes not being able to hit airports)
- further testing of the new research tech progression.
- writing a nice long post detailing the new economy and how the game now works. Otherwise you guys will have to read through the "feature" posts in chronological order to understand things.

this will not be 1.3, this is work for the "hotfix" release. While I think at this point hotfix is a bit of a misnomer but gosh darnit I am gonig to call it that!

archl - - 74 comments

Hi,smoth, don't know if you can see my comments ;p

I just realized what I want from GundamRTS, is find cover and dodging :D

either player can order an advanced gundam with a hotkey do side-move, or AI control it to sudden crouch.

terrain/wall that can provide cover for gundams would be great - let them switch defense mode and other mode, those long-reload time unit shall not expose too often. just when reload finish it standout to shot, else stay in safe place, behind wall or something.

Beside, I particular hope all light gundams can perform jump in a short distance.

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Neon-Ghost - - 1,605 comments

^ Good stuff

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xPearse - - 2,462 comments

I really think that what you are saying isnt possible as it probably couldnt be done in the engine, as Smoth has said before all units move like cranes and also he would have to create animations for the crouching and taking cover.

But maybe for cover the mobile suits or even the vehicles could entrench putting sandbags around them so they can fight off higher techs easier, thats what I would like to see but only if it isnt too much trouble.

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Smoth Author
Smoth - - 1,098 comments

I am working on something to make adding new anims easier. That way stuff like melee and things can be added. My main issue is trying to not take control away from the player. It is a tough balance.

@jump jets:
Watch the video blog that I posted to see the basic form. I have to add animation and effects for it.

Already planned :)

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Hanzie - - 208 comments

Thanks for the update Smoth! :)

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~LynX - - 98 comments

your explosions make me **** in mah pants

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Gundar300 - - 47 comments

Oh god nerded myself gotta go clean up.

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Smoth Author
Smoth - - 1,098 comments

OH GOD! I POSTED THIS NON-PRIVATE so it's on the front page! HA HA HA WHOOPS. This was supposed to be for the followers eyes really :P. Oh well.

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AskQuestionsLater - - 2 comments

Hey - some of us will consume any news we get. We appreciate the hard work Smoth.

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aGranger - - 24 comments

EPIC, just epic, I can't wait for the long post.

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Guest - - 698,846 comments

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