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Sorry for the lack of Updates these past few weeks. This should make up a few things that have happened lately on the B.I.A. Mod until I can get more from the Team.

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Let us see what has happened these last few days, shall we?

1. The Team has been is severe need of new people. We need Textures and Coders, and fast. As the Mod begins to take shape, we have been in large need of people who can deal with these things to get the mod going faster. No matter whether you have just began to learn using photoshop or how to code, we need you! Contact me by PM or just visit the Site and post yourself up there to see what you can do to help us.

2. The Campaign has been one of our latest priorities. This Campaign is being worked by many and the large amount of skill is something to behold. For now, the Campaign is fairly good, and will be done in god timing.

3. The Tallarn models are done, the Elysians are coming along nicely and so on. Everything is coming along nicely and its taking shape. Due to Internet connection with Wereturnip (thanks to dial-up as another way to fix things) there will be little to show in pictures. But do not fright, for this will be resolved in due time.

4. Scripting for the most of the Races in the Mod has been nearly completed thanks to Thudo and his large efforts to the B.I.A. Mod. Not only him, but also Harker, a good guy who has taken into scripting for the new models of the Orks that have been done.

Sorry again for the long time with few posts. I will see about how to get you lot some new screen-shots of the mod in current work, but until then, there is nothing much to post about.

The Sites: (The other sites of ours and of our fellow Guardsmen.)

The BIA Site:
Roleplay Site:
Mod Helping Site:
Death Korps of Krieg Mod:
and least, but still importantly the Praetorians Site:


nice thanks for the update

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ramagon Author

no problems... :)

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