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Progress has been slow and steady over these last two months, so we thought it would be a good time to give you a short recap of what we have been up to.

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Hey fans and people who are seeing us for the first time! Hope you had a great August!
We have been working hard this month to get the game closer to being able to be played.
Here is a list of the main things we have done or are doing this month:


-Reworking all of the character models to have functioning eyes and mouth, along with facial animations

-Reworking some of the characters’ armor to look better

-Redesigned Sulfur to not be a giant snake guy- now Sulfur is a drakaina.

-Reworking textures to fit as much detail in as possible without making the file size extremely large

-Splash images are being redone to fit with the new model designs

-Added new Element, monster and environment models for the desert map


-We have come up with a good background story to the universe of Reaction and have been working on it here and there, fleshing it out and making it interesting. We will start releasing parts of the story and lore when we feel that we don’t need to change it anymore. (might be a while)

-We repositioned the map and buildings to be more balanced for both teams of players

-We have also fixed a few batching problems, and increased our fps rate with the map

-Reworking what phrases and sounds we need for the game


-We reworked all the rigs for the Elements to make better animations

-We are working on updating our animations with all Elements and monsters we have so far


-The server side gameplay code has been finished, game modes and elements/ions are now able to react to their environment and handle events

-First network tests have been made, including 5 vs 5 player tests and logging into the central game servers

-The simulation server that processes the player action, AI and physics is running and gets updated with security/performance critical patches

-First database blueprints are completed to host player accounts and their data, including profiles/inventories and stats

Stay tuned in the upcoming month of September for more Element spotlights and some screenshots of the map and character models!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to either comment here, at our twitter @lifevirusgames or on the Facebook Reaction page!


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