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There's something about monsters here. Powering up the way through them.

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There's now 3 monsters and 3 powers for player, and some early character development.


Flyer/Medium Ingame Walker/Medium Ingame
Walker/Tank Ingame 001 Walker/Tank Ingame 002

The new monsters are: Electro/Kinetic Flyer, Chemical Goblin and Pulse Tank. Their names can change. They have some color/size variations, which means they have a different attack or more/less health. Some of the variations may stay, while some others may become entirely different characters.

Electro/Kinetic Flyer: small to large sized flying things that zap player with electric bolts, throw him around with the claw or sting with the tail. The small ones move faster, but have less health than the bigger ones.

Chemical Goblin: pumped full of chemicals they'll happily throw some of it at the player. Green ones throw slime blobs that explode into smaller blobs. Red ones throw flame blobs. They may also get a grenade attack (they have a grenade throw animation with the left hand).

Pulse Tank: these big things are equipped with heavy armor and Pulse Miniguns. They will obliterate almost anything in their path. Two sizes, regular 2.5m and boss 5m tall. They could also get a rocket attack, and maybe if they jump on player, it's going to hurt.

Player got some powers: Flight, Regeneration and Super Shield. Each power will use some amount of Energy. They and other player qualities will become more effective/better when player develops the character. Player can upgrade 4 attributes: Strength, Dexterity, Endurance and Power with Experience Points. The Experience Points are gained from damaging/killing the enemies and completing quests.

Flight: allows player to fly. The flight power will be in passive mode when player is on the ground, so it'll only use energy when player is actually flying.

Regeneration: regenerates some amount of health. There's also a vampiric regeneration that gives more health when player targets someone, but very little without targets.

Super Shield: increases player's shield protection up to 90% for a short while. It will cost some energy to turn it on, and there's some delay before it can be used again, even if player has energy left. The basic shield can be used anytime when player has energy.

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This is going to be so cool when its done.

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