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This week's update shows off a selection of the diverse types of enemies you will fight in Grimoire.

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We've been quiet for a while now but have been working hard on the game, especially on producing the lore and denizens of Augury. This week we will showcase a whole bunch of monsters that we have been developing that you will encounter as you play through the game.

First off

Monster concept

Made by masons and mages in a time long past, these living stone statues were originally created as temple guards. Gifted with "semi-sentience," the statues were able to operate autonomously for monthly stretches at a time with little contact from their overseers.

Monster concept

Creators of some of the earliest primitive rune magic of the Prime Material Plane. With their power the Klidheim were quick to become rulers of a neolithic Augury. The primitive peoples of Augury were forced into lives of servility lest they be destroyed.

Inevitably,the Klidheim became their own undoing. Fat and opulent, they became factious and suspicious of one another. Riots became skirmishes, and skirmishes became battles until the Klidheim consumed themselves in the fires of civil war.

The survivors fled to the swamps and jungles seeking isolation. Scarred by the destruction of their cities, the Klidheim became superstitious. Their self-imposed exile bred xenophobia. They soon devolved into a tribal people, fearful of ever gaining the power they once had - seeing their current state of affairs as atonement for their past sins.

Monster concept

Travelers tell tales of a misty,silvery being with an "inhuman face" plaguing the off-beat roads
of Augury. The figure is said to drift about like smoke in the wind but maintaining its humanoid form. It's said the creature shuns groups of people, and instead, attacks the lone traveler. The victim is usually found on the side of the road, body contorted into a violent geometry caused by intense neuromuscular spasms.

Shade Man
Monster concept

The stuff of children's nightmares this, shadowed and hunched humanoid figure prowls the dark corners of the world. Preying on the young of sentient species all over Augury. For all the differences of the planet's peoples, the Shade Man is the one commonality among them all. Binding them all in fear for their children's safety.

Swamp Kelpie
Monster concept

A passive but opportunistic killer. The Swamp Kelpie allows only the top of its horse-like head to pierce the surface while it drifts languidly in the waters of Augury's bogs. Its reed-like hair camouflaging the rest of its body, the Swamp Kelpie hides in plain site from the casual observer.

That's all for now! Stay tuned for our next update where we will hopefully reveal more of the actual gameplay of Grimoire and how you will interact with the world of Augury.

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