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Monster Men - Retro twitch based puzzle platformer released today on Desura.

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I proudly present the release of Monster Men today on Desura. The game is heavily retro inspired, offering difficult yet rewarding gameplay that will keep you on your toes across 8 different chapters.

The gameplay is built around the level design and focuses on the 4 different monsters that you will use to navigate through the 80+ levels, each with their own unique mechanic, which can be used and/or combined to complete the levels and find all the collectibles. The core mechanics of the game are twitch platforming action with a subtle mixture of puzzle elements.

The Visual style of the game is inspired by 8 and 16 bit classic games of the past. The game features 8 different boss fights, multiple endings depending on how well you did and secret content that can be found throughout the challenge.

The story of the game is fun and comical, we learn our 4 monsters are trapped in an underground prison, of a castle at the top of Mount Death and it's your job to break them out! They later discover that it was the protagonists evil twin brother Hector who has locked them up, but why?

The game also features a fantastic full Chip tune OST.

The game can be found on Desura at this link:

Desura Digital Distribution

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