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Monomyth is now on Steam Greenlight and your support would be super-duper appreciated!

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I'm happy to announce that Monomyth is finally on Steam Greenlight. So here's a little trailer:

This project was originally started as a small hommage to the PS1 classic King's Field. However, with time it developed far beyond that. Today Monomyth is an original interactive first-person dungeon crawler with action oriented combat. This means the player actively has to parry, block and dodge, cast spells, use bows, swing their sword etc, etc

The entire game is set in a vast fortress. The locations within that fortress range from deep dungeons and caves to high towers and royal halls.

It is also noteworthy that Monomyth is not set in a classic fantasy scenario. While there are fantasy elements to it, the setting also features a lot of primitive electronics and steam machines. It is best described as a medieval mix of technology and magic.

I'd really appreciate your help, getting this game on Steam. This year I'd also like to release a small prototype for you to play. Since Monomyth is a one-man project I'm always happy to get your feedback!

If you have any questions about this project, I'm always happy to answer them for you!

You have a nice day now!



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