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Work on ver.05 is underway. New units and the continuation of ironing out bugs and further balance of the existing units is the goal for this version.

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First off, hello ModDB community and thank you for your hospitality. Really excited to be doing this.

Although it may be a while (a while being a month or two) before a version is deemed suitable to be released for public download, we are devotedly working on Conflict Terra in our free time. The NKG, while for the most part fleshed out as far as unit count goes, will be seeing a decent sized addition to the roster. These new units include:

  • A cheap, fast-building, very weak unit able to be built straight from the Mobile Headquarters whose role is to provide early-game defense against any rushing attackers. A low build limit will keep these from being amassed and keep them as mainly defense-oriented units.
  • A Tech Level 1 turret whose role has been dubbed "Anti-Spam," this unit will most likely be a rapid fire, short ranged defense meant to counter large numbers of weak units.
  • An anti-air vehicle or mech who will have a weak, slow firing anti-air missile while in it's mobile or "unit" form, and the ability to quickly transform into a stationary, flak firing turret. This unit was conceived to provide more versatile anti-air protection, as the only ways to shoot down aircraft now is through having your own fighters, or building stationary turrets. It's still undecided whether or not this unit will be necessary enough to make.
  • Several sea-based naval buildings. Currently the NKG has minimal naval capabilities. It was intended to be revisited, and now I'm revisiting it. Some examples will be floating defenses and sea-based economy buildings. A Tech Level 2 naval builder will also be made to accommodate some of the new buildings.
In addition to these new units, I will be remaking models for a handful of existing units, to make them not only look more pleasing to the eye, but to help them perform the way they should. These units include:

  • The Battlecruiser.
  • Tech Level 1 and 2 land-based naval defenses.
  • Tech Level 1 shipyard
  • New Tech Level 1 and 2 airports, which will have the added ability to refuel and repair aircraft.
Most of the bugs noticed and logged in the last playtest (CTver.04) have been addressed, but there are still some issues to work out. Balance of course will still be looked at, and the big balance issue now is Line of Sight and what it should be for the units. The Dev Team is truly torn on this issue and have discussed it with friends, and although some light has been shed on the subject, putting these ideas into effect will require some focus and time.

And, lastly, the PN will hopefully have more units made by the time of the next version. The developer for the PN is compiling a list of needed units and associating un-textured models with these, and we hope to someday soon hold a texture-athon of sorts, and get a lot of them done and knocked out.

I think that about wraps it up.


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