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Molten Armor features that are awaiting for you in the game. Let's call it our first post with more articles to come later :)

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* Nonlinearity that will not only change dialogues, but will also lead you to different levels with different missions ( 4 endings included )
* Active and agressive combat. You can't just build towers and watch the battlefield passively. Key to victory lies in constant buffing you turrets and cleverly using special abilities.
* Diverse gameplay. From defending evacuation convoys and participating in an ambush to breaking through enemy defenses and fighting giant bosses.
* Battlefield affects combat. Starting with visual differences ( cities, deserts, snowy forests ), depending on your choices, you can participate in a naval combat, runaway from enemies on a train through a desert and fly on a bomber plane, shooting enemies all around you.
* Heroes - storyline develops around several persons, who actively participate in both dialogs and combat - each of them can be sent into the battle. Sniper, machine gunner and even a flamethrower tank will aid you with defeating enemies.
* Weapons specialisation - different towers work better agains different enemies. For example, a machine gun will do nicely against infantry, and cannons will lay waste to enemy tanks.
* Story - your decisions will influence not only the war itself but will also change fates of you squad mates. They can leave your squad, die or join enemy ranks, thus leading you to one of four endings.
* Hardcore. This game will make you sweat, but if you want to have some casual fun, you can always select the easy mode.

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