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A significant milestone has been reached. I am now done replacing all the temporary prototype placeholders, and can now focus on polish, tweaking and improving ai and features, and adding content and new features.

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The basics of the game is pretty much finished. This means that the game is now fully playable and visually presentable. However, the game is still lacking quite a bit of tweaking and polish, and most (of the technically superflous, but greatly desired) featues are still lacking. As well as needing a ton more content in general.

However, I can now for the first time finally sit back and see what all the work I have put into it amounts to and see the whole thing put together. I have a complete set to work with and a world to experiment with. I can now start considering things such as balance, and what I can do to make it more fun and interesting.

It is great getting this far, but there is a long way still to go.
What I will now focus on is to improve areas of the game where needed, fix bugs, and tweak areas that are still visually lacking, and add content freely wherever needed.

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