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Half-Life 2: Aperture Chapters failed, but what about other ideas?

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Hello! As you know our Mod, HL2:AC failed, but I have ideas and would like to know what you think.
Please comment your choice and I'll generate results from the votes.

¬ Grand Theft Auto on the Source Engine mod
// Concepts are already being developed for this but we can't go ahead and make it unless it's liked.

¬ Half-Life 2: Redux
// Similar to Cinematic Mod, except things aren't 100% Changed, like in CM10, there's some random bridge in front of the docks in the first coast level, wtf? That won't be there, but there will be high poly versions of old models and high res retextures for every single model and texture in the game, along with heavily redone graphic design levels all the way from d1_trainstation_01 to d3_breen_01. If proven popular, we will do it with Ep2 and Ep1, and eventually, ep3.


¬ Continue HL2:AC
This be really hard but if you REALLY want me to, I'll try it, but you need to recommend a REALLY good Portal/HL2 coder.

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