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Detailing the future for this mod. NOT DEAD- Just put on extended hold

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Hey all.

After I'm not sure how long, I suddenly remembered this page.
Unfortunately I stopped working on this mod quite some time ago, as time constraints were simply too much for me, and working on the project took a lot of my time.

Since stopping, I have misplaced a lot of my original work, and have changed computers several times.

I have, however, decided that I am going to try to finish it- at least partially-, at some point in the future. At the moment this looks to be a fair while away, probably another 2 months or so until I resume work. I do know where some of my old work is located, however I have to yet find the time to sift through it, reorganize it, and relearn behavED and gtkRadiant.

Hopefully I will be able to remember a lot of it, because a quick search had me find a lot of the old mapping tutorials have disappeared.

Just wanted to let any of you still following this mod that it is not dead, its just been put on an extremely long hold.

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