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As the story goes I managed to convince my friend to play HW2 online and found the vanilla version to boring and unreasonable (like pulsar corvettes attacking subsystem SITTING IN PLACE!) and PDS didn't really sit with me so I thought I could get Dustwars.

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But there were no Dustwars to be found on the intertubes so I had to resort around my old semi-crashed HD and see if Dustwars is still there. And luckily some of it was. And since it's not on the internets I thought why the hell shouldn't I reupload it?
And here they are, an early, almost fully ship featured alpha and early minmod:
Dustwars Alpha Mod
Dustwars Minimod

I couldn't find the later minimod (it had some really cool things like PDSes on bombers and frigates, space stations (okay, armed asteroids, but still) and stuff. This is the release I mean. If anyone has it perchance I would greatly appreciate sharing so I can reupload it here too.

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