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Dear fans of the mod. I hasten to please you with news. We finally released a multiplayer alpha version of the mod! And it is already available in the Steam. The multiplayer included 4 sides of the conflict: the Reds, the white troops of the south of Russia, the white troops of the east of Russia and the Ukrainian nationalists of the Ukrainian People's Republic. Bozhoe number of units, weapons, innovations (bayonet battle, summoning shrapnel fire for positions) and much more is waiting for you.

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1) Link to mod in Steam workshop:

We present to your attention the global fashion on the topic of the Civil War in Russia in 1917-1922.
At this stage, the mod is exclusively MULTIPLAYER, but very soon there will be a release of the first single-missions.


What we have at the moment

11 parties to the conflict as of 1919:

1.ASFR (ARMED FORCES OF THE SOUTH RUSSIA) (White Army of the South of Russia under the command of AI Denikin);

2. UPR (Ukrainian People's Republic) (Petlyura Army, which includes UGA and ZUNR units);

3. RSFSR (Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic) (Red Army);

4. Russian Army of the Supreme Ruler (White troops in the east of Russia under the command of Admiral AV Kolchak, including a number of Cossack and national formations);

5.RPAU (Revolutionary Insurgent Army of Ukraine - Makhnovtsy);

6. Czechoslovak Corps (You can read about the Czechoslovak Corps here: (;

7. NWA (North-Western Army of General NN Yudenich, known for his campaign against Petrograd in 1919);

8. Estonian People's Army (Army of the Young Estonian State);

9.Polsh (Army of Marshall Pilsudski).

10. The Republic of Latvia

11. The Western Volunteer Army (ZDA) is an anti-Soviet military unit of pro-German orientation, formed by P. R. Bermondt-Avalov from Russian officers and German volunteers in late 1918 - early 1919 in the Baltic region to fight the Bolsheviks and proclaimed on November 18, 1918, by the Latvian republic.

Also, the mod contributes:

-More than 20 new maps,

-About 450 new, historically reliable units

Ehrhardt E-V / 4,
Russo-Balt type-C,
Jeffery - Poplavko,
MkA Whippet.
MkIV Male
FT-17 (cannon and machine gun)
-New small arms of that time: (Rifles of Mosin, Mauser, Manlicher, Lebel, Berdan, etc., machine guns Lewis, MG-08, Madsen, Shosha, Browning, etc., pistols Mauser, Lefosche, Browning, Nagana, etc., grenades Rdultovsky, etc. - you can find out more about all the weapons by downloading our mod)

-Stank machine guns Maxim, Gochkiss, Colt, German machine gun MG08-15;

Guns: Russian 76mm field gun obr.1902 ("three-inch"), 76mm Russian rock cannon, 75mm Schneider cannon, English field gun Ordnance QF-18, as well as several heavy howitzers, 9 cm bombomety.

with a full list of weapons and equipment can be found by downloading the mod :)

Also, we have:

-The new sounds of shooting, the voice of units, music.

-Correctors who can fire with shrapnel through a signal pistol,

and much more :)

Each faction has its own unique and special units, which can turn the game around at any time.
We ask not to focus attention on portraits and icons - we have not yet managed to enter them. Some cards take off when playing 2 by 2 (we have few of these)
As a result of the test, we found a suitable game setup - you need to select the Custom setting and set the values ​​to 180 KOs and 4000 LSIs. This is the most optimal setting for the game.

In addition, it is worth noting that in fashion, a great emphasis on realism, in this connection, the units die very quickly and every mistake can cost you a victory in the game. It is worth considering where to send reinforcements and how to build defense.

You can support the mod by the requisites:
QIWI: 9058079000
Our official group:

How to get the latest version of the mod:
- subscribe to the mod
- start the game, wait for the mod to mount, connect it to the game options

To update an existing mod:
- exit the game
- run a script that downloads the latest version of the mod from the workshop content,
the script is in the folder:

"_: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ Men of War Assault Squad 2 \ mods \ civil_war_in_russia_alpha \ mod_update.vbs"

- Wait for the update mod message
- Start the game.


Singlmission in Steam

Polish-Soviet War 1919-1920


A very good idea with creating this mod about a totally forgotten era.
About Polish-Soviet War, where is French military mission of General Henrys (including a certain Captain de Gaulle) ?

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A small correction. The first French LMG, provided to Belgian, Greek, Polish, Serbian, Russian and American armies, is the CHAUCHAT (Mle 1915 CSRG), and not "Shosha".
In the same spirit, this is about "Lefosche" pistol. Wouldn't it be rather "Lefaucheux" (the name of a French family of gunsmiths) ?

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