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A picture gallery of my modified hev suit, with some commentary.

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vlcsnap 2020 05 29 12h38m38s474

New HEV suit model. Using GCFScape, I extracted the Combine Suit model, and put it in my mod folder and renamed it item_suit (the hev suit is called the item suit in the code.) and it worked out of the box :)

vlcsnap 2020 05 29 12h36m49s187

A picture of the UI itself. I spent a very long time on the HEV suit UI, changing the colors, removing the background, modifying aux power, etc.

I would show you some early screenshots of the maps, but I don't want to spoil much for you, all I can say is they're coming along nicely though slow.


i'm pretty sure barney wore a metrocop outfit in hl2, not a combine soldier suit.

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