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I can tell you that i need help to publish this mod im a 3D modeler i can make 3d models but i dont know how to export them so if you know how to export models join me also if you know how to make textures join me.

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1.Someone who can make texures for the models

2.Someone who know how to export objects into the editor


There will be 6 missions in this mod for now later i will make more.
The first campaign will have 6 missions.This 6 missions will take place in southeast georgia.

The second campaign will have 4 missions.This 4 missions will take place in the balkans.

The third campaign will have also 4 missions.And will take place on the russia/ukraine border.

3D Models

1.T-62 and T-55 credits to Vlss

What im planing to add for the second campaign is military equipment used by the Yugoslav Army.





This model will be add if someone join me who know how to export models into the editors otherwise i will have to find models from others mods and used if they allowed me.

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