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Long time no see. I got sick, for a very long time. Now that I'm back, I need help with the models.

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I haven't worked on this project in a while. The reason is this: I got very, very sick. First I had the swine flu for a month. Then I caught the normal flu, and since my immune system was already weakened, I had it for a month as well. THEN, because of my severely weakened immune system, I caught mono. Which is a real pain. I just got over that, and now I'm back.

Onto the project itself. I need help. Despite reading all sorts of tutorials, I can't get the models to work. They won't move or attack or turn. They play the appropriate animations for these actions, but nothing happens. I have done everything I've found to try to fix this, and no dice. So I'm requesting the help of those with more knowledge than myself on making/editing models for the Source engine. Thank you.


sorry to hear about your health hope you feel better.

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get Dec to help you.

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CyborgDragon Author

Who is Dec?

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