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I'm working on making this mod more like the animated CLONE WARS TV-series, so I'll only be making a few more patches to fix minor bugs and to add the CIS symbols to the current version. Because the next full version of the mod will be with the animated heroes from the Clone Wars TV-series...

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I'm looking for modders, who want to lend a hand in creating hero models resembling the ones found in the animated TV-series. I'm thinking we could use existing models and then change the textures and skins so they look like the animated heroes.

I need:
Anakin Skywalker - Maybe the Skywalker or default Jedi model could be changed?
Obi Wan Kenobi - Maybe the old Kenobi model could be used?
Mace Windu - Maybe the old Kenobi or the Skywalker model could be used?
Plo Kloon - Maybe the old Kenobi model could be changed?
Asoka Tano - I don't know???
Yoda - The existing model should be fine!
Count Dooku - Maybe the old Kenobi model could be used?
Assaji Ventress - I don't know???
General Grievous - The existing model should be fine!
Wat Tambor - I don't know???
Nute Gunray - I don't know, maybe the Imperial Guard could be tweaked???
Poogle the Lesser - The in game Geonosian model could be changed?

Haylay and Ducksofgrass are working on new hero icons and CIS symbols, they're both awsome. Simplestarwarsfan has made a great splash screen, which Haylay have incorporated into the Menuback overlay. All in all, The next patch is going to be real goooooood!!!

Please contact me if you are good at modeling, skinning or making textures - and have time of course?

Best regards

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