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Looking for good models and assets I can use for the units in my mod.

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If you've checked out my mod concept ideas, you'll know that a lot of my units have rather complex models.

For most of the units, all I need is a template I can retexture. Obviously all of the models LitFam is using are everywhere, so it may sadden you to read that, to be honest it would be nice to use them as a template for my units. Especially the tactical commander droid and the crab droids and stuff.

As for the other things such as buzz droids and more complex models for the clones, it would be nice if we could work together in making the models for them, which would also mean more complex models will be available for other modders, 2 birds with one stressful month modding.

I'm perfectly fine with the maps, however if I work on the campaign, I'd probably need help with the animations in the scripted scenes- yes, I plan on making a proper campaign, not just a conquest mode with exposition on the minimap. It's not proper cutscenes, its just scripted moments. I think if us modders make a proper campaign with a proper story, then maybe those cunts at EA will finally realize they could do something good too, considering they have an extra $1,000,000,000 or more.(wishful thinking)

TL;DR, I'd love some models and assets I could use for my units. Credit will be given in spades of course. It's perfectly fine if you actual good modders out there disagree with and laugh at me. You've kind of earned the right to.

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