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Yeah well, I guess that only one sniper rifle, one pistol and one map is not enough to get anywhere, so I'm now working on more sniper rifle models, pistol models and maps. A first screenshot of the 2nd map can be seen in the images page, should be the first image in the list. I am also going to add unscoped rifles such as the Scout, and the 2nd soon to be sniper rifle, AWM. We have also created a very short teaser which in my opinion, doesn't really showing good stuff. Also the music is not

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authorized by us. This week or next week I am going to a friend of mine which composes music, we will create the best fitting music for our environmental-stealth gameplay.

please stay tuned for further updates as if it's not another failing wanna-be mod that every 12 yearold kid starts and just posts maps as images.

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