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i have found a CPU in my house that works although i don't like using it because of the amount of space it takes up it runs the modeling program so i have a working modeling program!!!!!

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Modeling program working finally WOOOOT!!!!!

With the new sins of a solar empire game coming out i will be making this mod for rebellion i might continue making it for diplomacy if enough people want it

so the Aldar will have several new things
rebellion adds two new ship classes Titans and corvettes so there will be these added

1. Titans
one of them is already done i finished it awhile ago will post a pic in the modeling program!!!!

2. Corvettes
i have i think two done although i might redo them

i have several concepts art for the next couple of ships found them online and will make them way more aldar might post them if you want!!!

the research tree while not completely finished is going to be completely redone when rebellion comes out :)

hopefully someone can get rebellion before me

i will need to now how many ships there are in the 2 new classes

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