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One of the recent tasks encountered of making a game about making games is how to simulate a market so that it's fun. I show a pretty diagram and talk about how it is going to be implemented and how meta this all is.

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Table for Gamer's Buy Rate Based on Review Score

Then I put myself in to the mind of a gamer when buying something. First the game buyer must find out about the game. Then a game buyer probably has read a review of the game and based on the score will choose to buy it or not.

So how I implemented this in game is simple. First, every customer has a chance to find out about the game. You can increase this rate by advertising more or having a prettier selling area. Then after they notice they either choose to buy it or not buy it. This is affected by the review of the game. The formula is on the right. It's a little simplistic but maybe I'll improve in the next episode.

Then I think to myself, "Ah... if I actually figured out the correct mathematical model for this then people would be banging down my doors to get at it." Making a game about making games means solving problems about making games.

That's all for this quick update! Hope you enjoyed this slightly meta article.

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