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I need a modeler to make my mod a model, ill explain the model idea...

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I need a model made for my mod, and the big part is i dont know how to make models, so i could really use some help. First of all, i think a combine "FLAG" would be pretty cool. Maybe a couple of other flags too. then i think like a trophy like thing that has saturn and its rings, NO MOONS. It would be pure gold. And last, a new combine citadel. I dont want to copy the half life 2 citadel, cause the mod will be to original. If anyone is interested in making any of these models, i will be very happy. if you have a cool model like the Strider Mountain health cases, that would be great for the health packs also. If i cant get those, ill just use the original health kits. but please if someone can make these, i give a bunch of thank yous and your awesomes. Please someone help

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