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I need modders who would like the initial idea of this mod of mine and help make it a reality here one day.

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Since I'm not a modder myself currently honestly (but will be one next year after I will completely finish school and take both programming and 3D modelling studies hopefully), I need a few modders here who could help me make this mod project of mine a reality which I only planned a few days ago after having tried the game with a mod called L.E.G.E.N.D.A.R.Y. (which already has a ton of mods merged together on its own and will be the base for even more mods to be merged with on the list of mods in the summary page) and looked around the web for other mods that I may have liked to play with.

They will be splitted in two groups: the mergers who will merge mods for it (of course lol) and tweakers who will tweak the gameplay and add new content to this mod such as weapons, maps and other stuff.

And keep in mind that I will only accept the ones who will agree on its initial idea that it's a satire parody of the game (similar to Bandit Simulator here) which will mainly inspire from slavic memes found on the internet and also because I'm not really a fan of realism and serious shit that much, so if you feel offended/disgusted by all of this, then you better have to GET OUT OF HERE, STALKER! lol

Let me know if you are interested on helping me out in this and which group you want to be in with a comment down below here. ^ ^

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