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Happy New Year everyone! Holidays are almost over and with less distractions going on new year of modding may commence!

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Modders Logbook - January 2016

AAAaannnd happy new year everybody!

Id like to apologize from my overly optimistic hopes for a Christmas/new years release!

The holiday season had way too many distractions (Chirstmas, family, Witchers, Wolfenstein etc etc) that the mod did not see just about any of the progress the silly me had daydreamed of. The free time I thought would be spent to get the next version out was spent on all the Christmas/holiday activities that really made the days fly by and there just was no good moment to dive into modding. Until today.

Now however Id like to assure you that we are still at it and the holidays have been restful and we can again start pouring time to modding too!

Id like to share some thoughts of what was under work last at the end of the year:

Now last things we've showed you was the work in progress shots of the upcoming battle armor:


And the quirky assault helmet concept we have cooking:


Now the helmet really came long way back then and I've made some test with the in game implementation and while not perfect, I can at least say that there is a possibility to make it work as we want. Its not high on priority list right now so I'll have to put it aside for now and really try to focus on the map assets we need.

On the armor subject I'd like to show the latest WIP shot of the under armor suit fresh from render:


The legs and torso are quite as I've envisioned them and after Im done with the arms theres only refitting the over armor plating to the new under suit and we have our first battle armor ready for field testing!

We are very excited about the new man class hitbox/personal protection update Bohemia rolled out that enables us to implement the advanced armors much much more easily into Arma. We were prepared to write separate armor/health system if needed, but from what I've read the update saves us the trouble!

Just about the last thing I worked on last year was the city walls and even got a few pieces in game already by the time the holidays hit us. The base wall is compiled from 84 individual pieces that snap together perfectly in the map editor and as I've modeled them in one big ass 1:1 scale construction, all the pieces are guaranteed to fit together.

The wall base forms the skeleton of the city which will then be populated with multi room military and civilian installations, walkways, bridges, landing pads, hangars and and all kinds of other structures that will make the city come alive.

One last big update/upgrade/redesign on the city was the terracing of the central area. You can see the difference in the first and second picture and while this change means more work, it also gives the city a lot more depth and character. There will be some amazing views form the ramparts!


CityWalls WIP update 02

CityWalls WIP update 03
New walls rising up Ingame - WIP 01

Last thing Id like to make note of is the progress of the Walker animations! After some stumbling in the dark I managed to figure out how to set up custom footsteps for the legs and got in few new animation sequences! The walker really walks! The video demonstrates was made to show the test on the foot steps which in itself was a great victory!

Holidays are approaching! - Mod DB

Again thank you for your interest and support! More exciting stuff coming up soon!


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Keep up the good work.

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Thank you!!

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