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The project is just getting started ;) The picture that you see is the reference that I myself and other modders can use to create these skins.

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Calling all modders to help in creating one of the most anticipating mods of Battlefront II. Combined` with my vision that I have with this mod, and from the help of the modders from the battlefront II community, this can and will be a very promising fun mod that you would like to play. It will feel as if Battlefront II it's self was updated when playing this mod. The modder positions that are open now are as following.

*Experienced skinners
*Experienced with placing assets
*Just overall modders

The Map itsself in design will be on a stardestroyer, it will be explorable but you have to fight your way through, if you ever do make it to the final reactor which looks like a shield generator but larger and a little bit different, you would place a time bomb and you would have a new objective to get out of the ship before it explodes, this is (campaign mode). As you are making your way out of the ship it is YOUR choice on wether to rescue survivors in prison cells for more people on your team, OR try and find your way out as quickly as possible with the help you have left. The game is a game of choices, and what you choose during the game decides how likely you are to survive...

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