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So, I guess you wonder what is the current state of the mod and how are we progressing ? As I promised, here is my first WIP article, to let you know what's to wait and what is done.

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To begin with, I bet you are impatient to know what we have done yet and if it is playable yet, you shall see by yourself, reading the following lines !

Q1 :What's done ?

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-An awesome and really large map of Thedas, filled with hundreds of provinces

-The cultures, races and religions

-All the De Jure Duchies, Kingdoms and Empires and titles !

-The Deeproads ! (might be improved in the future)

-One first bookmark, the Fifth Blight, with current borders just before Inquisition

-Some Forest mechanic for some huge areas of wood, such as Brecialian ,Arlathan, the Arbor...

-Some really unique mechanics for each races (qunari marriage, dwarf caste inheritance)

Q2 : It is playable ? Please ?

wp Dragon Age Origins g 1024x768

Well.. Technically, it is ! BUT, the current playable content is near of "void" so it wont be alot of fun.

Q3 : What is being worked on ?

wp Dragon Age Origins g 1024x768

For now, we are focusing on polishing the map (provinces names, holdings names, lorewise regions...)

Im about to start working on some Wardens ( <3) events and we are "laying the ground for the basic mod mechanics (government, magic, etc)" (ngppgn quote)

Q4 : Which features will the mod include in the end ?

wp Dragon Age Origins g 1024x768

For this question, I see you guys in the next Thedas Kings WIP article !


This is a awesome idea guys ! I think this mod is a dream for every gamer, who played Dragon Age. For me it will be incredible awesome to start a campaign with this mod. Looking forward to this !

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StellarAngel Author

Thank you :) Ye its a dream for us too ^^

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