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ModDB Stories Special: Star Wars To the late CommanderJRB

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ModDB Stories Special:
Star Wars

It’s a grave time for the galaxy. A new race of Sith warriors arose from the outer regions of the galaxy led by Darth Trimendis, a Sith lord known for his unique fighting style of wielding 2 double bladed lightsabers. Corusant got attacked by a fleet of Sith. They kidnapped the Chancelor. Brave Commando-Jedi-Commander JRB and his battalion have been tasked to save the Chancelor. Commander JRB is also known for a unique fighting style that combines his blaster carbine and his lightsaber.
“Men, this won’t be easy, we’ll have to break into the heart of the enemy armada. The armada consists of 16 fleets. We are leading the largest assault in the history of the Republic. Our 17 against their 16 fleets, but don’t let the number let your guard down, because their Battle Dreadnoughts are as tough as 3 of our best ships. We are not going to fight with the rest of our army, we are going to go right through the battle and board the enemy Flagship where the Chancelor is held” – Said Commander JRB.
“Sir, isn’t that Darth Trimendis’s Flagship?” – Asked one of the clone troopers.
“Indeed it is trooper” Answered JRB “That is why we are joining forces with a General Kenobi and his hand picked Jedi squad.”
“Finally a fight worth fighting” Someone in the background said.
The troops moved to make room for someone who was walking through.
“ We’ve been ordered to go to Manaan and to stop a minor assault, but we decided to help you guys out.”
It was Three-Eight, Sev, Scorch and Fixer.
“What? Delta Squad disobeyed a direct order?”
“We all know you need us here. Anyway, we still owe you from Cato Nemoida.” Said Three-Eight.
“Well, welcome aboard guys” said JRB
“Where’s the Armory?” Asked Sev “I need to gear up.”
“It’s on deck 8 sector 4.” Said JRB
“I’m going to find myself some gadgets. If any of you wanna come, lets go.” Said Sev and went off.
“I would use some new det packs” Said Scorch and went after Sev.
“Where are the hangars? I’m going to modify the fighters.” Asked Fixer
“The hangars are on decks 12, 13 and 14.” Said JRB
“Thanks JB” said Fixer and left off.
“JB, I need to talk to you in private” said Three-Eight
“Sure. Troops, dismissed” Said JRB

They went to JRB’s quarters.
“What is it you wish to talk to me about Three-Eight?”
-“Listen, we are here to the very end. We’ll follow your every order. But, don’t ask us to leave you. When we lost Sev we were devastated. We had to go rouge to save him. Don’t try to be the hero JB”
-“I promise will try not to”
Three-Eight just looked at him like he knew what will happen on that ship.
The room’s comm link sounds off.
“Sir, General Kenobi has just arrived. He is asking permission to come to your quarters sir.”
“Let him in trooper” said JRB
Almost in the very same moment Obi Wan walks in.
“Hello there JRB, good to see you mate.”
-“Kenobi, old buddy, nice to see you after all this time”
Kenobi then notices Three-Eight.
“Three-Eight! What in the blaze are you doing here? Weren’t you supposed to be on Manaan?”
-“Yes sir, but we decided to help the guys here. They need us more than the 212th.”
-“I should’ve have known you would come here.

Three-Eight now called Fixer, Scorch and Sev through their squad comm link.
“Guys, bring him up.”
“Bring who up?” asked JRB
“You’ll see.” Answered Three-Eight and refused to tell them anything more.

Scorch and Sev were carrying an orange droid while Fixer was walking besides them and was fixing something with a hydro spanner.
“OK Fixer, activate him” Said Three-Eight
Fixer put the part he was fixing into the droid. Nothing happened.
“I told you this pile of junk wouldn’t work.” Said Sev.
Suddenly the droid rose up.
“I will not tolerate being called pile of junk meatbag.” The droid said.
“Are you threatening me droid!?” Sev asked
“Stop it you two!” Said Three-Eight.
Now Three-Eight told General Kenobi and JRB that they found the droid in pieces on Mustafaar. They noticed that his design wasn’t any standard today design so they thought he was an enemy droid, so they brought it here.
“Will any of you Meatbags tell me what year is it?”
“It’s 4017th standard galactic year.” Said JRB “Why are you asking?”
“4017th year!! I was offline for 4000 years!” The droid said
“4000 years!? Tell me what are you.”
“I am HK-47, Protocol and As… Err… Protocol droid.” Said HK.
“What are you hiding from us droid?” Sev asked
“And why is your memory so heavily guarded? I can’t reactivate it.” Said Fixer/
“If you must know I’m a top notch assassin and protocol droid.” Said HK.
Everybody was surprised to hear this.
“To who did you belong to HK?” Asked Obi Wan.
“That I can’t tell you.” Said HK
“This is a waste of time, let me blast the thing.” Said Sev while holding his blaster carbine.
When HK heard that he quickly turned, took Sev blaster and pointed it at Sev’s head. Obi Wan turned his lightsaber on, JRB pointed aimed his blaster along with Fixer, Scorch and Three-Eight.
“Don’t call me junk meatbag!!!” Said HK with anger in his voice.
“Put that blaster down right now!” said Three-Eight.
“As you wish.” Said HK and he dropped the blaster carbine.
HK turned back to JRB like nothing happened and said:
“Right then, who wants to be my new master?”
Everybody turned their heads towards JRB.
“OK, I will be your new master.” Said JRB.
“JB, I think we could use the droid against the new so called “True” Sith.” Said Obi Wan.
“What did you say!?” Asked HK who obviously knew something.
“The ”True” Sith?” asked Kenobi “Do you know anything about them?”
“My former master went on a quest to destroy them… Unfortunately, it seems he failed.” Said HK.
“Was your former master a jedi?” Asked JRB.
“Well…” Said HK
“A Sith!?” Asked Obi Wan
“Well… Both actually.” Said HK.
“How could he be both?” Asked Three-Eight
“A long story.” HK said.

The rooms comm link sounded off again.
“Sir, We will enter the Sith Armada Sector soon, you should prepare.”
“Thank you soldier.”
“You heard him, we should prepare. Meet me in the hangar in about half an hour.”

After half an hour they all meet in the hangar.
“I have modified the fighters to be more agile and fast. Also they have more armament.” Said Fixer.
“OK men, this is it.”
“We’re exiting hyperspace” said the pilot.
Everybody entered their fighters.

They arrived in just in time to see the other fleets hyperspacing in.
“Commence fire!” said Kenobi.
“Release the fighters!” said JRB.

The battle started. They flew through warships and dreadnoughts.
“They’ve released their fighters, hang on.” Said one of the pilots.
“Alpha Echo 1, concentrate fire on the enemy SSUSD.” Said One of the Fleet captains
“Bomb wing Aurora, clear a path for our commando team!” said Fleet Command.
As they maneuvered through the armada they lost one third of their soldier escort.
“Sir, there it is. There is Darth Trimendis’s Flagship!” Said one of the pilots.
“The fighter escort is too strong for us to fight through!” Said Three-Eight.
“Sir with your permission, we would like to take on the enemy fighters while you infiltrate the hangar.” Said the pilot leader.
“But you…” Said JRB.
“They know what they are doing JB” Interrupted Kenobi.
“Ok…” Said Commander JRB.

They successfully infiltrated the Flagship thanks to the bravery of the Foxtrot fighter squadron.
They cleared the hangar, but were closed in it.
“Wait, I will hack into their system and reroute the lock down controls.” Said Fixer
“Damn, their security is too tight, but I can download the ships blueprints.” Said Fixer.
“Do it.” Said Kenobi.
“Ok, here they are.” Said Fixer while projecting a holographic blue print of the ship.
“It seems the ventilation shaft can lead us to the prison cells and then through the mess hall to the bridge.”
“The droid is right.” Said Three-Eight “We’ll go that way.”
They went through the ventilation shafts to the holding cells.
“2 Guard at 12 o’clock.” Said Three-Eight.
“I’ll take care of them.” said JRB.
He then Force jumped over the guard, stabbed one with his lightsaber and executed the other one with his blaster carbine.
“Nice.” Said Three-Eight.
“Check the cells, there may be allies to rescue here.” Said Obi Wan.
As they were checking the holding cells HK yelled.
“This cannot be!!” Said HK
“What is it HK?” Everyone asked.
“Master…” Said HK.
“Yes?” Said JRB.
“I wasn’t speaking to you” Said HK.
In the holding cell, was someone HK recognized.
“Open the cell!” Said HK.
“Why?” Asked Fixer.
“Just do it meatbag.” Said HK.
“OK, don’t get angry at me.” Said Fixer and he opened the cell.
“What do you want now Trimendis!? I want tell you anything!!” A man said.
-“Master it is you!”
-“HK, I can’t tell you how happy I am to see you!”
-“Master… You haven’t aged a day!”
-“I found the Sith planet on which if a outlander survives 10 days, he gets immortal. It’s not as easy as you think to survive there. The Sith attacked me day and night, but I survived and gained immortality. That is how I survived for this long.”
“I hate to break your touching chit-chat, but who are you?” Asked Sev.
The man now emerged from the shadows. He wore a mask, with a long capped robe.
“My name is Revan. Some call me Darth Revan.”
JRB, Obi Wan and the Jedi escort immediately turned their lightsaber on.
“Everybody stand back!” Said Obi Wan.
“Why?” Asked Three-Eight.
“This is a 4000 year old Sith lord” Said JRB
“Sith Lord!? You still call me Sith Lord after all this time? I saved the Republic!” Said Revan
“But you left into the unknown and never returned! How can we know if we can trust you!?” Said General Kenobi
“Maybe because I was tortured for the last 4000 years to tell the Sith what our most important worlds are! But if that’s not enough, here, catch.” Revan threw Obi Wan his Star Forge lightsaber.
“You have your lightsaber in your cell!” Said Obi Wan
“Yes, they are a warrior race. They use me for training exercises.” Said Revan “They would have me fight their warriors. They find it to be fun.The one who gets me on my knees wins. They wouldn’t stop until they get me to the ground.”
“They are cruel!” Said Scorch.
“Tell me about it.” Said Revan
“Why didn’t you use your powers to get out?” Asked JRB
“Because they put this on me.” He moved his cape and showed them Ysalamari skin attached to him.
“I can remove that.” Said one of the jedi. “Of course, with your permission sir”
“Hmm… remove it.” Said JRB
“But…” Said Obi Wan
“Trust me” Said JRB
“I hope you know what you are doing.” Said Obi Wan

The jedi removed the Ysalamari skin. Revan started to glow.
“What the Blaze is happening with you!?” Asked Obi Wan
“My Force Powers are getting back.” Said Revan.
Suddenly he stopped glowing
“It feels so good.” Said Revan “Why are you here? Maybe I can help.”
“We are here to rescue the Chancelor.” Said Three-Eight.
“Hmm, so that’s why I hear turbolasers firing. I will help you, lead the way.” Said Revan and they all went to the mess hall.

There they were ambushed by Sith Warriors. Everyone was ready for battle suddenly Obi Wan jumped straight into them and started fighting.
“I’ll hold em off with my squad, you go to the bridge, GO!” Said Obi Wan
“And Revan, catch.” Obi Wan threw Revan his lightsaber.
“Thanks” Revan said and went off.
The jedi knights and Obi Wan stayed and fought with the warriors while Revan, Commander JRB,HK and Delta Squad went to the bridge.
“Shit, Assault Droids!” Said Sev.
“We’ll hold ‘em off, you go to the Bridge.” Said Three-Eight
“I’ll help you” Said HK.
A droid shot Fixers blaster.
“Are you OK Fixer?” Asked Scorch
-“Yeah, but my blaster is blown up.”
“Here, have mine” Said JRB and he threw Fixer his blaster carbine.
“Thanks.” Said Fixer and continued shooting
“You’ll need this to make your way to the bridge” Said Scorch and threw JRB a det pack.

They went to the bridge entrance. It was sealed. They blew it up with Scorches det pack. And in the bridge there was Darth Trimentis wielding his double bladed lightsabers.
“I have waited for this moment 4000 years.” Said Revan.
“Now you listen to me JB, go and rescue the Chancelor, then enter the self destruct sequence and destroy the console.” Said Revan to JRB.
“Wait, I didn’t tell you my name.”
“I read your minds, now do it and then run like hell.”
Revan engaged Darth Trimendis in an EPIC duel while JRB Rescued the Chancelor and entered the self destruct sequence. Then he ran back with the Chancelor. He picked up Delta Squad and HK and destroyed what little droids were left. Then while they were running to the mess hall they joined up with Obi Wan who was the only survivor of the Mess hall fight and was going to the bridge to help. They quickly entered their ships and took off in the knick of time. They evaded the explosion that destroyed the whole armada. The Sith were defeated and the Replic fleet took some losses. The Republic was restored to order and peace thanks to the bravery of Darth Revan, General Obi Wan Kenobi, The Delta Squad and most importantly Commander JRB.
In memorial to CommanderJRB. May he rest in peace.


lol i'm the hero! =P

BTw i tought that JB would die, like what happened in Real Life...nice story dude! Keep them comming!

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CyberCommando Author

I thought of that too, but I decided to let Revan deal with Trimendis cuz he's WAY more powerful than any1 present.

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Love the story man u really got story writing tallent just loved the story.

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seroiusly oh and I mean it.

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CyberCommando Author

THX 2 All you guys who support me.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

well those who do a good job do deserve supporting.:)

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CyberCommando Author


Reply Good karma+1 vote

indeed. Keep it up.

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CyberCommando Author


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Jako zanimljivo

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CyberCommando Author


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Od mene neces dobiti pohvale,Zalim se samo da Jagoda ovo vidi ima da se odusevi

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CyberCommando Author

O, ko je to online? O_o
Ma, kad bi znala engleski ovo bi joj predao odmah.
Mozda da dam nastavnici engleskog?

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Nice! Man You Should Be A Writer :P

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CyberCommando Author

THX. Maybe I'll take it as a hobby.
BTW I prefer English over Serbian to write. :P

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