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So the ModDB profile is up and work has accelerated.

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Alright guys, I've decided to start working again on this little solo project I have called "Asper Finis", closely meaning "Violent Ending" in Latin. For some details on the mod, the story is NOT part of the Half-Life story line. Instead, it has its own story, revolving around aт unknown individual who had just woken out of nowhere with no hints of past events. Awoken in a world that has been struck by a mysterious, natural apocalypse that left billions of people dead in several hours. The mere millions in the world that are left are at war for resources and food. The individual later meets up with one of the groups and becomes one of them.

As for progress, my first map is based of my local highschool, which is simple and has nearly no windows and fits the mood perfectly. It is nearing completion, where at the end the character will have to climb around the pool area and escape through the windows (which are once again, like the only ones in the entire building). I will upload more shots soon.

I am NOT looking for help at the moment. If I so should require it, I will post something here to let willing people know.

Thanks for reading this guys, I will continue to work and update on this mod.


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